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'BALLOON' Vase With Glass Insert Forest Green Medium

'BALLOON' Vase With Glass Insert Forest Green Medium

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The BALLOON VASE goes well with any interior and can be ideally combined with other decorations. The design is elongated with a narrow opening. It is ideal for long-stemmed dried flowers, bouquets, ornamental grass or as a stand-alone decoration.

MADE FROM BIO-BASED MATERIAL (PLA from corn and sugar cane), the Balloon Vase blends in with any room and creates a calm and simple style. 
This product is durable, 100% recyclable and climate neutral.

With each purchase Recozy finance THE GROWTH OF A TREE IN DENMARK with the One Tree Planted project.

NICE TO KNOW: Each vase is unique due to its special production method. You will be given a glass to fill with water or soil. Without the glass, the vase is not completely waterproof due to its special structure.


ø 17 cm, height 22 cm


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