Brands with a Backstory: Interior Design with a Social and Environmental Focus

Brands with a Backstory: Interior Design with a Social and Environmental Focus

We are a nation of consumers. We love a new cushion or throw to get us cosy in our homes, and this year it's even more about lowering our impact on the environment. So how can we create a well considered interior style for the new year ahead without compromising on our commitment to living more simply and sustainably?

So, there are all sorts of things we like to buy that have a design led focus but now with sustainability coming right up the priority list when we are looking to purchase things for our home, we are becoming a little more conscious of the need to choose carefully.

The major brands are working hard to reduce their carbon footprint when shipping goods to us and researching new materials and production methods that have a lower impact on the environment. But often their products are varied in their origin with global supply chains and being eco friendly isn't always possible.

If you look carefully though you can discover small independent businesses that are championing the eco friendly and ethical approach to interior design at no cost to style and quality. 

Simple living is an aspirational idea where our homes give us peace and comfort and for me part of that is about being surrounded by furnishings, furniture and decor that is beautiful, sensory and celebrating nature and sustainability. I love a little gem of a find with a preloved piece but we all enjoy buying something new that is contemporary and stylish. 

I've been working hard to source brands that have strong values, whether it be social good, ethical or sustainable and that have thought outside the box. This year it is a key focus at IndigoGrey to find more UK based interiors brands with good eco credentials. 

Some new brands already in store include Hydro Herb, Wild And Stone and Pavilion. Watch this space to see more of their products this spring.



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