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Ply Standing Desk Stool L'ESCAMBELL

Ply Standing Desk Stool L'ESCAMBELL

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DEBOSC L'Escambell is a wooden workstand that turns any table into a standing desk for your laptop. It can also be a stool, a side table or a tablet or book stand.


MATERIALS ● 5 pieces of 9 mm, untreated birch plywood. ● 5 wooden dowels. MANUFACTURE L'Escambell has been designed and finished in Anglès (Girona) by the Debosc team, and machined using CNC in Gironella (Barcelona).

MAINTENANCE The birch plywood will last you a lifetime, but over time it will take on a slightly darker golden colour. To bring back the original colour of L'Escambell, sand the wood with 240-grit sandpaper.

PACKAGING L'Escambell's 5 pieces of birch and 5 dowels will be shipped wrapped in tissue paper, inside a cardboard box of 62 x 51 cm. Stool:45,50x39x30 cm. Standing Desk: 45,50x39x39 cm.


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