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The Basket Room

LIWE: Grey, Natural & White Twist Woven Storage Basket L

LIWE: Grey, Natural & White Twist Woven Storage Basket L

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Earthy hues mingle with pure cloudy white and dusky blue in this simple collection of natural woven baskets, hand dyed using naturally-derived charcoal. These LIWE tie-dye baskets are produced in three sizes and hand woven in South Western Kenya. Spruce up your home office set-up with a new planter or desk tidy or use yours for tidying away everything from TV remotes and cables to knitting, hats, gloves and scarves.  The craftswomen who produce this range of baskets work as part of a group of rural weaving cooperatives, using the skills passed to them by family matriarchs to produce our set sizes and repeat patterns. These weavers meet weekly with their managers to arrange work, deliver completed orders and pick up wages, and communicate by mobile phone between meetings.


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